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RJF Healthcare specializes in providing qualified, reliable and professional staff for facilites and hospitals and offers a full range of healthcare management services.

RJF Healthcare Consulting Services

RJF has a proven track record in providing home and facility healthcare staffing. We specialize in providing qualified, reliable and professional staff and offer a full range of management services including recruitment and retention, employee training and supervision and quality assurance programs.

 Recruitment and Retention

RJF Healthcare is one of only three organizations in HRM that meets the Standards of Practice for Home Support Agencies and is an approved provider to the Nova Scotia Department of Health. The only private agency in Nova Scotia to offer extensive in-house training programs and skill enhancement seminars for all employees, RJF is also a NSAHO-approved provider of the CCA training program. RJF boasts comprehensive recruitment processes and screening and selection criteria that guarantee the right caregivers for employment. We also have experience recruiting highly skilled and qualified caregivers from outside Canada and can assist your organization in meeting its Staffing requirements.

Employee Training and Supervision

The RJF employee orientation and supervision process guarantees exceptional performance and strategically ensures that employees are monitored in an effective, objective and realistic manner. General orientations to RJF and specific healthcare facility policies are delivered prior to employment with mandatory annual refreshers. Random on-the-job spot checks ensure that our supervisors get to see how an employee is truly performing. Additionally, feedback from unit nurses through satisfaction surveys allow our supervisors to gain insight into how to improve an employee’s skills. Our supervision process is augmented by performance evaluations at three, six and 12 months from the date of employment and annually thereafter.

Quality Assurance Programs

In addition to working within your healthcare facility’s policies, RJF has its own internal mechanisms to ensure all complaints, concerns and incidents are dealt with swiftly and professionally.

Results of entry-level competency and ongoing compliancy are detailed in an Annual Quality Assurance Report. In addition, RJF has proven experience in providing a comprehensive Continuous Quality Improvement program.